London’s Top Sex Shops

London’s top sex shops are as diverse as the city itself. The Stockroom features a mahogany cabinet and butt plugs, a gold globe bar with trans toys and countless tools to please a woman’s urges. While the soundtrack is generally women of pop, a sex shop is not without its own playlist. The Stockroom shares a playlist with the Pitfield Cafe.

London is full of everything you could ever imagine. From the best views of the city to the most luxurious shopping experiences. One thing that London is a known for is the endless selection of sex shops. Here are the top sex shops in London.

The Stockroom

Expectations is a popular sex shop in London. It has been around for over 30 years, and is the capital’s largest fetish store. You can find a red metal cage here, and you can also find XXX gay DVDs and accessories. You can also buy conductive anal plugs and urethral sounds, as well as erotic gear.

If you’re a man and you’re looking for a new sex experience, this is the place for you. You can find a wide range of sex toys and lube here, as well as condoms, and workshops on ejaculation. Coco De Mer is another fun shop in London. The newest sex toys and vibrators are available here, and you can return them for a free refund.

Located on The Strand, The Stockroom specializes in interactive dildos, male sex toys, and couple sex toys. You can get a discount if you buy more than one item at a time. You can even build up loyalty points by buying more from one location. The stockroom also has locations in Australia, Canada, the EU, and the U.S.

Ann Summers

With an endless array of sex toys and accessories to play with, Ann Summers is an absolute must for any woman’s wardrobe. From pocket-sized clit stimulators to ravaging dildos, Ann Summers has everything a woman could possibly want. From underwired cups and racy lingerie, to naughty gifts and fancy dress, there is something for everyone at Ann Summers.

Founded in 1970, Ann Summers quickly became a household name for sex toys and lingerie. In the 1980s, she introduced a party plan product. Her lingerie and other items have become synonymous with sex and a sexy lifestyle. The company now has over 140 retail outlets throughout the UK. The London store is a top choice for women looking for lingerie and lube.

Located in Soho, this sex shop sells mainstream sex products. You can find everything from fetish equipment to Bondage and sex books. Whether you’re looking for a fling with your partner, Clonezone has something for you. Its founders decided to merge a fetish shop with a regular bookshop, and it’s still an iconic spot in London.


In the heart of Islington, the first place to visit in London for male fetish wear is Regulation. The shop has one of the largest collections of square Peg silicone ass toys in the UK, and is also home to some of the best tailor-made latex and leather clothing and sex toys around. The staff are friendly and helpful, and the shop offers a 15% student discount.

The sex toy trade has long been in existence, with a history dating back to Ancient Greece. In the 19th century, the invention of printed matter made pornography a lucrative commodity. In fact, erotic literature was so easily available that a street shop in London, such as Holywell Street, became a hotspot for erotic materials. Now, a city council is working hard to regulate sex shops in order to protect children.

The top ten sexual shops in London are not without controversy. Object and Scottish Women Against Pornography, which campaign against sexual stereotyping, have condemned the opening of Ann Summers. Object, which campaigned against sex stereotyping, said that the store legitimised pornography and normalised a distorted view of women’s sexuality. Object, a campaign group for sexual equality, believes that the store’s presence in the High Street reaffirms a distorted view of women’s sexuality.

Coco de Mer

If you’re looking for erotic apparel and accessories, Coco de Mer is the place for you. This environmentally conscious sex shop sells everything from lingerie to glass wands, tampons, and more. Each piece is handmade with high-quality materials by local artists. Many of the items carry the Fairtrade seal of approval. The shop is dedicated to supporting small-scale, cottage-industry enterprises and seeks to buy from these businesses whenever possible.

The shop’s design is both upscale and classy. It features two-tone exterior boxes with red line drawings on cream backgrounds, similar to illustrations in romantic poetry books. Inside, the drawings are both erotic and beautiful, and depict young men caressing women, as well as woodland creatures. The shop has many items from Stella McCartney to Paul Seville.

The shop sells erotic clothing and accessories from a variety of designers. The ‘Playtime Store’ even has a peekaboo velvet drape in the Changing Rooms. There are also a variety of luxury kinky add-ons, and expensive scented massage oils and lubricants. You can even buy homeware and vintage erotic books at this shop.


If you’re in the mood for some erotic pleasure, check out one of London’s many sex shops. While some are discreet, there are other places that are more open and upscale. A recent article on the subject suggests the upscale stores that are best for a night out on the town. Here are a few of London’s top sex shops, plus a few recommendations for those who prefer to be more discreet.

One of London’s top sex shops, Liberator offers a wide variety of exciting erotic gear. Their extensive inventory includes high-quality vibrators and bondage kits. For a more intimate experience, try a free sex class, or check out the wide variety of sex toys and accessories available here. While Liberator isn’t the best-kept secret in town, you’re bound to find a great deal here.

The shop also sells sex toys, and focuses on promoting inclusive pleasure. Founded by Nick and Amy Boyajian in 2017, this shop has been a cult sex shop in London since 2017. While it’s best known for its Enby toy, the shop also sells popular products from other companies. It also features a blog and videos on sex ed.

Rigby & Peller

The shop, which was founded in 1935, is the official corsetiere of the Queen. It has a reputation for high-quality, bespoke lingerie and a vast range of accessories. One of London’s most prestigious sex shops, Rigby & Peller is often mentioned in whispered awe by women who want to look their best.

The shop was born in the late 1800s, after Gita Peller fled from Russia with corsetry samples in her suitcase. After settling in London, Bertha Rigby took her in. The lingerie shop soon became a well-known name, even supplying the Queen with underwear. Unfortunately, Gita Peller passed away in the 1980s, but her sons Harold and June Rigby took over the business, buying it for PS20,000 and eventually obtaining a royal warrant to supply the Queen Mother.

Another top sex shop in the capital is Victoria’s Secret on Bond Street. It’s more popular among horny teenagers, but the iconic window displays are worth a visit. The four-floor flagship shop features a collection of vintage catwalk dresses. It’s a great place to find a pair of designer lingerie for reasonable prices.

Simply Pleasure

The erotic book market is thriving in Soho, home to the Houses of Parliament and Number 10 Downing Street. The recent surge in interest has boosted the area’s sex industry. Employees of Simply Pleasure say the book has brought a new generation of women into sex shops and sex toys. The shop’s manager, Lesley Lewis, declined to give her full name, but she did say that the book has helped introduce newcomers to the world of sex toys and shops.

Located in Soho, the shop sells both mainstream and alternative sex products. You can buy fetish equipment like spankers and ticklers at the PS20 price point, or a standard DVD for around PS30. In addition to DVDs, you can also buy lingerie and sex toys, which can be purchased for as low as PS10 when bought with a full priced DVD.

Sh! Women’s Erotic Emporium

Sh! Women’s Erotic Emporium is a sex shop devoted to the female sexual experience. It was established in 1992 and was the first women’s sex shop in London. It has long been dedicated to championing women’s rights and breaking down taboos. It also carries a wide range of feminist gifts and has an in-house production facility, so you can be certain that the products are made to the highest standard.

Until recently, men were not allowed to enter the shop, but now they are welcome. One man who frequents Sh! regularly calls up to inquire about sperm banks and organic substances for his wife’s menopause. Another man wandered through the store wearing a green polo neck and squidgy dad trainers.

Another top London sex store is Sh! Women’s Erotic Emporium. Founded in 1992, Sh! is a boutique that spreads sexual positivity throughout the country. With a warm and friendly atmosphere, you’ll feel at home in the store while you browse the sexy merchandise. They even have a store online! For 10% off your purchase at Sh!, use the Lovehoney discount code to make your next purchase!

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